Gender Hub

Gender Hub

The NCAER National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) launched the Gender Hub to envisage using existing data and new data as a vehicle for engaging feminist scholars, civil society representatives, and policymakers. These stakeholders will be invited to undertake and/or guide gender-focused analyses of public policies—both women-focused and gender-neutral—in the economic, health, and educational domains in India. Some of the policies of interest include cash incentives for girls’ education, reducing inequalities in access to health services, and development of a social registry for improving access to government benefits. Activities undertaken by this hub will include enhancing access to data collected by NCAER, visiting fellowships for practitioners and researchers, and seminars addressing strategies for incorporating a gender lens in data collection processes. Sonalde Desai, Professor, and Centre Director, NCAER-NDIC, and Pallavi Choudhuri, Senior Fellow, NCAER-NDIC, will lead this initiative.


The overall goal is to shape a data-focused research agenda in conjunction with our civil society and government partners. The team has unique access to data and statistical skills; civil society partners will offer an understanding of on-the-ground processes to help define policies that deserve evaluation and conditions that may limit policy impact; NCAER’s location within the Indian policy discourse will help to mobilise gender advocates within both the Government and the media to help disseminate the research results and establish policy linkages.


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    After decades of feminist advocacy, it is now accepted as a part of conventional wisdom that all data collection systems should provide gender-disaggregated data. However, this ‘add gender and stir’ approach often fails to capture data that is critical for developing gender-friendly policies, especially data on care responsibilities, access to public spaces, and, discrimination in...   Read More


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    Sonalde Desai Feinian Chen, Shilpa Reddy, Amy McLaughlin
    Annual Review of Sociology 26 April 2022

    Over the past two decades, we have seen an explosion in research on the topic of women’s empowerment and its related dimensions, yet there remains much to be done in terms of clarifying conceptual pathways and best practices in measurement. This review traces the intellectual and historic context in which women’s status and empowerment in...   Read More