DataTalk: A Conversation about Defining and  Measuring Internal Migration in India

    Long lines of migrant families walking across State borders to their hometowns during the pandemic-induced lockdown has brought to the forefront the importance of migration for the Indian economy, development, and society. However, it has also highlighted a lack of awareness of the magnitude of migration in India and the tenuous ties of many migrants...   Read More

    What is Women’s Work? Challenges of  Measurement for Policy Design

    The NCAER Gender Hub and FESDIG (Feminist Economics Saturday Discussion Group) jointly organised a hybrid discussion on “What is Women's Work? Challenges of Measurement for Policy Design” on 12 June 2023, at NCAER. Despite the strong policy interest in women’s low and declining work participation in India, data and research on this subject continues to...   Read More

    DataTalk: An Online Conversation between Data Journalists and Data Producers

    Register to participate* NCAER’s National Data Innovation Centre (NCAER-NDIC) is hosting a webinar entitled, “DataTalk: An Online Conversation between Data Journalists and Data Producers”, on Thursday, 15 June 2023. In recent years, the field of data and statistical journalism in India has grown in sophistication and depth. However, this also puts substantial demands on data...   Read More

    Long-term Impact of the Pandemic on People’s Lives and Lessons for Developing an Inclusive Social Protection Programme

    A webinar discussion on the Long-term impact of the pandemic on people’s lives and lessons for developing an inclusive social protection programme, moderated by Dr Sonalde Desai, Professor, NCAER, was held on March 23, 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic could have a long-term impact for the people of the country due to the unexpected deaths of family members, loss...   Read More

    Re-imagining Data Systems as if Women Counted

    After decades of feminist advocacy, it is now accepted as a part of conventional wisdom that all data collection systems should provide gender-disaggregated data. However, this ‘add gender and stir’ approach often fails to capture data that is critical for developing gender-friendly policies, especially data on care responsibilities, access to public spaces, and, discrimination in...   Read More

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