Dr Pallavi Choudhuri appointed as Deputy Director, NCAER-NDIC

Dr Pallavi Choudhuri has been designated as Deputy Director of the NCAER’s National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC). Dr Choudhuri is also the Senior Fellow at the NCAER-National Data Innovation Center (NDIC), with primary research interests in employment, social protection, social inequality and gender. She also co-leads NDIC’s Gender Hub.

Gender Talk: Gender and Ageing

Welcome to the fifth issue of GenderTalk from the NCAER-National Data Innovation Centre’s Gender Hub. Nancy Folbre and colleagues in the 2005 special issue of Feminist Economics – Gender and Ageing noted that the public discussion on ageing, even in developed countries, has focused more on the financial burden that the increasing number of elderly populations will impose on younger generations, while the gendered aspect of this demographic transformation has largely been ignored in the public discourse. In this issue of GenderTalk, we examine population ageing in India from a gendered perspective.

India Human Development Survey: May 2024

The IHDS Forum is a monthly update of socio-economic developments in India by the IHDS research community, based on the India Human Development Survey, jointly conducted by NCAER and the University of Maryland. While two earlier rounds of the survey were completed in 2004-05 and 2011-12, respectively, the third round has also been launched and surveys have already been conducted in a number of States.

NCAER-NDIC initiates early career fellows

National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC), a part of the National Council of Applied Economic Research, seeks to build a community of scholars interested in the collection and analysis of survey data and contribute to the development of the field of survey methodology in India. NDIC seeks to develop a community of young scholars through a year-long non-residential fellowship program.

Key output of this program will be a high-quality measurement brief that will address some domains of human development, broadly defined.

Mr Suman Bery addressed first NDIC early career scholars meeting.