Reshma Roshania

Reshma Roshania is an Associate Fellow at NCAER. Her research interests include nutrition, food policy, migration, and gender. She completed her PhD in Nutrition and Health Sciences from Emory University in 2021. Prior to doctoral studies, she worked in global health and development for close to ten years, specialising in evaluation and research with organisations including PATH, International Center for Research on Women, Save the Children, and International Medical Corps. Reshma holds an MPH in Behavioral Sciences from Emory University and a BA in Anthropology and South Asian Studies from Rutgers University.

Anomita Ghosh

Anomita Ghosh is an applied microeconomist specialising in Labour Economics and Public Economics. In her work, she combines theory, rich survey data, administrative records, data from web portals, and the latest causal inference methods to explain how individuals and firms respond to government policies aimed at promoting labour market inclusion. Her current research reflects a broader interest in topics that delve into how labour market policies interact with institutions to improve people’s lives in the face of behavioural biases among policy beneficiaries and decision-makers. She obtained her PhD from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2022 and is currently working as an Associate Fellow at the National Data innovation Centre at NCAER.

She received her Masters from Delhi School of Economics and MPhil from Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai. Prior to her PhD, she worked as an Economist at the National Stock Exchange, Mumbai, and as Research Associate at CAFRAL, Reserve Bank of India.

Ranjima K.V.

Ranjima K.V. is a Research Associate in the National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) at NCAER. She holds a post-graduation degree in Biostatistics and Demography from the International Institute for Population Sciences.

Prior to joining as an RA, she was an intern at NCAER and currently works on site-wise data monitoring and quality analysis. Her other research interest includes qualitative research with a focus on gender demography.

Bipasa Banerjee

Bipasa Banerjee is a Research Associate at the NCAER National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC). Her primary research interest is in the area of development economics with a focus on gender health and public policy. She holds two Master’s degrees, including an MA in Women’s Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad and an MSc in Economics from Calcutta University.

An individual with earnest curiosity for the field of policy research,

Om Prakash Sharma

O. P. Sharma is Fellow at the NCAER, specializing in primary data collection, field management, field training, coding and editing. He is currently working in the project ‘India Human Development Survey-III. Some of the other studies he has worked on include: Fertilizer Consumption and Quality Seeds, India Human Development Survey-I 2004-05, Rural Economic and Demographic Change in India, India Human Development Survey-II 2011-12 and Third Census of Handloom Weavers. Between 1988 and 2005, he headed the NCAER Field Office at Bhopal recruiting, training and supervising field staff and editing primary data.